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“More than three-quarters of US corporate marketers say they are aggressively (16%) or moderately (62%) shifting spending from traditional marketing to branded-content marketing.” Custom Content Council (CCC), ContentWise

We are a Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner and think Marketing as well as Sales so give us a call and we can enable you with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Content Marketing is understanding intimately what your customers want and need to know, and then delivering that high quality, relevant and valuable information to them in a way that creates profitable customer action, brand loyalty and reputation.

The Internet, social media, smartphones and digital recorders have put ‘buyers’ completely in control of the informational gathering process and, as a result, most people do not like to ‘be sold’, but they do still like to shop.

The way we think and behave, and our decision making process is being driven by what scientists are calling the iBrain (when last did you bother to memorise a telephone number?) and so content marketing has emerged to meet the needs of the instant access, information hungry buyer.

Contact us if you would like to talk about how Marketing Automation can transform your business.

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